Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Journey of 6695.8 Miles...

A journey of a thousand miles may start beneath your feet, but a journey of 6695.8  miles starts at the airport!

This is me at Chicago's O'Hare airport waiting in line to check in.  We brought our full allowance of 4 checked bags and two carry-ons.  Most of our luggage is filled with presents!

After a long overnight flight and an amazing view of sunrise over the Alps:

...we ended up here for 12 hours:

I won't go into the reason why I had to buy that Italia shirt except to say that a long flight, a cappuccino and a vanride on an Italian expressway during rush hour were not a good combination for me.

Since Ahmad hadn't been to Rome before, we somehow managed to pack in a full day of sightseeing during our short time in Rome. 

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